FUSIONEX International Plc, a big data analytics solutions provider, believes that its new big data analytics solution can help the company to win more clients and gain market share.

The analytics solution, known as Fusionex GIANT, allows companies to have a holistic view of its business operations, understand trends, buyers behavior, and even predict outcomes. Unlike larger big data companies from the US or Europe, the company’s big data solutions are more user-friendly and easier to deploy.

“Our solutions may not be as powerful as some of our rivals’, but it has the features and characteristics that meets the needs of the chief executive officer, the chief information officer, and chief financial officer,” Fusionex founder Ivan Teh told Digital News Asia recently.

“Today, CEOs want a fast-to-deploy big data solutions, they can’t wait 18 months or more for the implementation. CIOs and CFOs want a solutions that are easy to manage, easy to use, and does not cost a lot to maintain.”

According to Teh, the new GIANT, dubbed the Fusionex GIANT 2017, is far more superior than the predecessor. He said that it is now able to make sense of trillions of data sets — making it a suitable tool for banks, stockbroking firms, hotel chains, manufacturers and others.

fusionex ceo

Like the previous version, the GIANT allows users to get key insights by just ‘drag-and-drop’. For example, dragging the company’s sales data and customers data could allow the company to find out which particular products are more popular among the young working adults.

“More importantly, the new GIANT allows user to get insights in the easiest way possible — by talking to it. The new GIANT comes with a natural language processing (NLP) capability that will perform various tasks. For example, you simply only need to tell it to show you sales number, or sales number based on region, and those data will be produced immediately,” said Teh.

“Gone are the days when you need days or weeks to generate a report.”

Penetrating the SMEs

The company also introduced its first big data analytics solutions catered to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The product, dubbed ANT, is the “mini-version” of the GIANT. It has most of the features SMEs need when comes to making sense of their data.

“For a long time, the SME market has been underserved. It also has most of the features that SMEs are looking for.

Expecting strong response

In late 2016, Fusionex invited 10 companies to take part in the pilot run of the Fusionex GIANT 2017. From the 10 companies, 8 of them have already signed up for the solution.

“Our vision has always been to create innovative technology that meets the business needs of today’s market. Innovation drives growth and we strongly believe Fusionex GIANT 2017 is the answer to an IoT driven world that is in constant need of better, faster, cost optimised and commercially-feasible technology,” said Teh.

“Analytics can help bridge the gap between business and consumer needs and we are ready to assist our customers to stand above their competition.”

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Powering Alibaba’s eWTP with big data analytics, AI and machine learning

KUALA LUMPUR: It has been more than a year since the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) initiative was launched in Malaysia and although public attention was only revived a week ago during the launch of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s first regional office here, several local companies have already been hard at work making the ambitious project a reality.

Big data analytics firm Fusionex International Plc is one of them, having led a consortium which secured a contract to provide the e-Services platform for the DFTZ from the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp.

The awarding of the contract was announced in November last year and according to Fusionex, has since been up and running with more than 3,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on board currently.

“More and more of [these companies] are starting to appreciate that it is important to level up and capitalise on the robust growth in e-commerce and the export market,” said Datuk Seri Ivan Teh, Fusionex founder and chief executive officer of Fusionex.

He added that many local SMEs that Fusionex has spoken to are receptive, open-minded and cognisant of the global language.

“They are open and want to embrace technology as long as it’s easier, faster, better, and more cost-effective than the status quo. In short, they are constructive but might be facing challenges in areas such as market access, funds, modern skills and technology. This is where DFTZ’s e-Services can assist them,” Teh told The Edge Financial Daily in an email exchange.

fusionex founder

The platform is key to realising the e-World Trade Platform (eWTP) that has been one of Alibaba’s key initiatives under the DFTZ banner and aims to provide Malaysian SMEs access to global consumers via e-commerce.

“The e-Services platform functions as a one-stop digital trade facilitation platform, that is integrated with a multitude of business service platforms, e-marketplaces, government agencies, logistics providers, freight forwarders, agents, SMEs and other service providers,” said Teh.

The platform aims to “bridge the gap in terms of know-how, reduce costs, as well as avoid or minimise unnecessary delays and encumbrances associated with the old way of manually doing things,” he said, adding that it is meant to be highly scaleable and inclusive.

According to Teh, the platform is powered by big data technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and is “designed to help merchants — regardless of shape and size — to level the playing ground, and do so without incurring exorbitant costs”.

Fusionex is also riding on the strength of Alibaba Cloud, what with being the latter’s official strategic partner in this region.

“They are a great, committed partner,” Teh said of Alibaba Cloud, noting that the collaboration is synergistic as the latter “has a great cloud offering, whereas Fusionex is a leader in big data technology, AI and machine learning with a strong international reputation.”

While Fusionex may not be a household name to most Malaysians, it has certainly made waves overseas. The company had, until July last year, been listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market.

However, Teh had decided to take the company private after five years on the market due to what he reportedly said was a persistently undervalued stock.

Without disclosing any figures, Teh shares that Fusionex has “invested significantly” and will continue to invest as it is fully committed to ensuring the success of the e-Services platform.

He did not reveal the names of the group’s partners in its consortium, but that they are local players with the relevant expertise and experience.

Teh pointed out that like the DFTZ itself, the e-Services platform is not constrained to physical hubs such as the KL Aeropolis logistics hub being developed by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd and Cainiao Smart Logistics Network (Hong Kong) Ltd.

“e-Services will be an open platform that welcomes multiple business service providers, be it forwarding agents, logistics players, and of course very importantly, good local SMEs with great Malaysian products.”

“The cost benefits and efficiencies these players enjoy would ultimately trickle down to consumers [in the form of] faster, more efficient and more cost-effective products and fulfilment,” he said. http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/powering-alibabas-ewtp-big-data-analytics-ai-and-machine-learning

Electrician Singapore Contractor Instruction

The majority of expert electrical experts have actually finished some kind of instruction before. Actually, today, some conditions make it obligatory for an individual to finish an electrical contractor instruction before securing their permit as a qualified domestic electrician. Consult your condition’s licensing panel to figure out what your condition’s demands remain in concerns to this.

The higher wages is actually certainly not the only fantastic advantage of receiving the correct instruction you need to have as well as coming to be a specialist domestic electrician. There is actually additionally the perk of the simple fact that operating in the area of electric job is actually economic downturn evidence. This indicates you are going to possess the satisfaction recognizing that you are going to have the ability to get a wonderful earnings in this particular industry for just as long as you really want.

Consider that certainly not all universities which supply electrical contractor instruction are actually identified through condition licensing panels. Contact your condition to find if any kind of college or even organization you are actually thinking about going to is actually realized through your condition just before you sign up.

You additionally possess the possibility of coming to be a formal electrical expert for an offered organisation. As an example, some apartment or condo leasing firms choose specialist electrical experts to carry out all the power help the buildings they solution.

A normal electrician Singapore contractor instruction is actually where you function carefully along with a specialist electrical contractor on a day to time manner. In the course of this moment, you get hands on instruction and also find out 1st palm regarding this profession. A lot of conditions possess a typical need of 2000 hrs which have to be actually finished in an instruction prior to expert licensing could be acquired through a person.

Aside from demanding instructions for electrical experts, a lot of conditions likewise demand one to get in class electrical contractor instruction. These training courses use technological education and learning an electrical expert needs to have to effectively function in any kind of provided electric scenario. The ordinary quantity of class hrs called for through many conditions is actually 140 hrs.

There are actually lots of informative principle which provide programs in power instruction. You can easily get in touch with Electrician singaporeyour local area neighborhood university or even business universities to find if any one of all of them supply these forms of training courses. If they carry out, you are going to wish to visit their centers as well as meet their team to inquire inquiries concerning the electrical contractor instruction plans they provide.

When you have actually accomplished electrical expert education and learning in the class and also a power instruction, you prepare to begin bring in great cash in this particular safe area. You possess several alternatives readily available to you. You can easily end up being an individual electrical contractor or even visit help an electric solution delivering firm.

Electrical experts possess occupations which reside in requirement in any kind of economic condition. This is actually due to the fact that folks need to have to possess functioning electrical energy in any way attend purchase to operate everyday. Electrical contractors make money quite higher on an hourly basis costs for the focused job that they carry out. Some electrical contractors may also make up to fifty bucks a hr for their solutions. Prior to you can easily take part in this profession, you require to initially obtain appropriate instruction. Some conditions might also demand you satisfy certain electrical expert instruction specifications just before you could be certified as a specialist electrical expert.

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S Power
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Win 5 Singapore 768091
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Nearshoring Starter Kit: Tools for Successful Software Outsourcing

So, you’ve taken the first step towards entering into a nearshoring partnership engagement. Congrats! The decision to outsource is probably not one you took lightly, but you can rest easy knowing that you’ll soon reap benefits such as added flexibility to scale your team up or down, access to expert resources from around the globe, and lowered costs across the board. But, like with any endeavor, the onset of a nearshore outsourcing model can bring with it a few minor bumps as you adjust to your new delivery model.

Since we have a lot of experience working with companies that are just starting to outsource or just starting to do it from a nearshore model, we’ve compiled a number of items to help set you up for successful, long-term engagement.

Find yourself a trusted nearshore software development partner
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the literal thousands of software outsourcing service firms in the US and abroad, but basing a decision on just price can lead to undesirable consequences down the road. It’s best to consider all the variables, especially those related to quality. A truly valuable partner will treat your business as their own, find ways and opportunities to propose improvements and add value, not just follow instructions mindlessly. In fact, Gartner found that “buyers reported that they receive most value from external service providers that can help them change culture and shift to a more agile mindset” in 2017, indicating that a beneficial partnership doesn’t just help you complete tasks on time, but gradually get better at doing so.

Develop a comprehensive scope for the project
It’s incredibly important to understand the short- and long-term goals and objectives of the project. Without a clear idea of how to scale, when and why, you might be unable to take advantage of different opportunities that come up for new projects, innovative ideas or other features, among other things. Your scope can, and should, change as you iterate with your team and incorporate feedback.

offshore software company

Use the methodology that makes the most sense for your organization.
You may follow agile principles or adhere more closely to scrum; either way, it’s important to be very clear and transparent about this with your new outsourcing partner. Whichever methodology works for your organization, make sure you and your outsourcing partner are on the same page. Many times, teams can easily become confused when they are used to working one way and now they are expected to complete daily stand-ups or sprints. Keep in mind, that you or your partner can make slight adjustments and find a middle ground that stays true to workable principles but shifts activities.

Communicate often and transparently.
It’s not enough to expect that communication will be good between teams. Ensure that communication is strong by choosing the right communication tools and setting standards for frequent communication between the relevant parties. It won’t always make sense to have outsourcing team members connecting with the client. We do our best to make sure that the person that has the most insight or knowledge about a particular topic is included when that topic or item is being discussed. Additionally, create a contingency plan for failures in communication or miscommunications.

Keep an open mind
While we talked about defining the scope of the project, it is also important to keep an open mind. It can take awhile to get comfortable with a new partner, and it’s important not to make assumptions during that introductory time. Keeping an open mind to proposed ideas and new ways of working or solving problems is critical to advancing and growing as an organization. We firmly believe that great ideas can come from anyone, so don’t be afraid to listen to suggestions — you may stumble on a game-changing innovation or concept.

Getting the most out of your nearshore outsourcing engagement ultimately depends on having a good understanding with your partner, based on trust and efficient communication. Going forward in your endeavor with these tools in your toolkit will ensure your project has the best probabilities for success, and you can get the most out of your nearshore team in terms of quality and the opportunity for innovation and valuable collaboration. Find out more: https://www.pslcorp.com

Plumber Singapore Technician

Among the best flexible exchanges of perpetuity is actually the Plumber  system exchange. Coming from outlining the piping of Plumber singaporean establishment to mounting the warm water body of a property, a plumbing professional may pick to provide services for a wide array of jobs. Gasoline bodies, tidy water system devices, water drainage units, cooking area pipes devices to call yet a couple of are actually all duties that are actually accomplished through plumbing technicians. There are actually numerous components of kitchen area plumbing system units which should sympathize the home kitchen to perform in a dependable technique.

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CC Plumbing Service
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If you want to maintain your cooking area pipes operating properly for you, there are actually a couple of traits which you may do. First and foremost, you need to make certain that you carry out certainly not put oil as well as fatty compounds down the kitchen space sink. As opposed to moving away, oil and also body fat acquire stayed with the within the water pipes as well as when it collects, the drainpipe acquires blocked out. You need to likewise certainly not toss remaining meals that are actually difficult to grind in the waste disposal.

Plumber Singapore water shutoffs are actually shut off if you want to remove the source of water to the sink when the repair is actually recurring. The P-trap relationships are actually unscrewed coming from the tailpieces of the sink by hand or even by utilize of pliers. The catches are actually taken out coming from the links as well as the drainpipe tailpieces are actually additionally cleared away. New tailpieces are actually turned in and also brand new water pipes are actually reduced as well as taken care of in to location along with squeezing installations by hand.

There are actually several shutoffs which are actually located in the home kitchen and also they lean to dripping. Utilizes which are actually made use of in the kitchen space are actually additionally susceptible to dripping as well as call for fixings occasionally. The dishwashing machine might stop working to function correctly if the water system water pipes and also the water drainage pipelines are actually certainly not operating effectively. The home kitchen empties can easily obtain blocked as well as might call for drainpipe cleansing. The waste disposal unit might acquire congested if a lot of trash is actually positioned in it and also would certainly call for fixings.

The pipelines which are actually discovered under the cooking area sink are actually ordinarily bent as well as are actually referred to as P-traps. Squeezing installations hook up these rounded pipelines to the drain water pipes of the sink, and also you may at times loosen these installations without the assistance of any type of device. When switching out kitchen space sink water pipes, the plumbing technician must very carefully take the sizes of the pipelines to make sure that the brand new pipelines could be reduced ideal.

A seat shutoff might be actually affixed to the cold water shutoff to deliver added water links which provide water to devices like a water filter. The added relationships might be actually produced coming from plastic cylinders or even copper. The fuel shutoff is actually commonly located under the devices which make use of fuel, as well as you may close it off when the gasoline is actually not being used for security objectives.

The home kitchen is actually matched along with water pipes which offer tidy water and also various other water pipes that remove drainage. There might likewise be actually water pipes which provide gasoline to the kitchen space, as well as the fuel shutoff is actually commonly found either on the flooring or even the wall structure. The cold and hot water shutoffs are actually generally found under the sink. Coming from the shutoffs, source cylinders are actually attached to the tap.

Office Space For Rent In KL To Maintain Your Service

Mobile Modular offers top quality mobile phone workplaces for rental payment for momentary as well as lasting office requirements. Their mobile phone workplaces include private elements that could be set up to suit your web site’s shapes as well as also be actually transferred to an additional website, if essential. Mobile Modular’s line of development trailer rentals likewise features the simplicity and also satisfaction of economical rentals that could be set up promptly without disturbance to your internet site.

If you are actually an entrepreneur and also have actually dealt with updating your area using building and construction, do not sweat the probability of closing down while building and construction attempts are actually underway. There are actually office space for rent in KL to maintain your service managing, without must cease running fully, as well as in many cases, methods to increase your company during the course of remodelling initiatives.

Your team could be counting on a continuous pause job as a result of building and construction, however by means of the application of mobile phone workplaces your workers need to certainly not drop a measure. Depending upon how much time you will certainly be actually delegated to brief workplaces, whatever coming from phone pipes as well as e-solutions needs to have to become made up. Working with interaction by means of on-the-spot carrier as well as e-mail by means of cordless hookups is actually suggested during. Furthermore, sharp your customers of modifications taking place within your place to make sure that they will not lose unfavorable illumination on your improving attempts.

Recognizing the condition as well as preparing ahead of time can easily ravel this whole entire method. Aggressive approaches consist of e-mail e-newsletters, energetic social media sites possessions as well as sizable check in face of the building and construction regions alerting where you lie.

serviced office KLEven if your job room or even shop front end might certainly not appear striking during the course of development attempts, this performs certainly not imply your internet visibility must be actually either. If you reside in the retail field, having actually much less individuals dropped by the outlet would certainly be actually a best chance to increase internet purchases. For the company business, associating with existing and also prospective customers through social media networks can easily expand companies through jumps as well as bounds. Introducing a marvelous position celebration may likewise be actually a fantastic tip to welcome visitors back and also make it understood to the community that development attempts have actually involved an end.

If you are actually looking for a brief area, it does not need to be actually much coming from your initial area. Acquiring a building and construction trailer service is actually a great possibility to look at to certainly not just supervise improving initiatives, however to conserve amount of money on leasing a relatively pricey office.

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KL33 Properties Sdn Bhd
10, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2181 0829 / 03-2020 2033

There is actually a myth that during the course of development initiatives, your workplace or even organisation needs to stop. Certainly not simply may organisations remain to work, yet they may likewise discover techniques to flourish. If you are actually seeking a short-term establishment, there are actually options when it concerns mobile phone workplaces for rental payment that can easily assist your service or even workplace keep available. These large trailer short-lived structure establishments are actually relatively very easy to make use of and also they feature an assortment of layout, fit for your necessities. These exact same brief structures have actually been actually understood to become utilized through social and also exclusive universities throughout restoration initiatives.

Robin Ooi S.E.O

Currently also this easy relevant meaning of seo (Search Engine Optimisation) may cause perky controversies regarding the definition as well as reason of Search Engine Optimisation.

In its own essential type, online marketing (Search Engine Optimisation) is actually show of modifying an internet site to ensure that it flourishes in the all natural, crawler-based lists of online Robin Ooisearch engine.

Nevertheless, challengers sickened along with Search Engine Optimisation can easily additionally state that lots of web sites obtain higher internet search engine presence without using S.E.O job which Search Engine Optimization specialists merely deliver hunch job higher expense companies that supply no guarantees for internet search engine ranking effectiveness.

So the concern perhaps inquired, why is actually Robin Ooi S.E.O such a well-known as well as disputable subject that leads to a great deal controversy within the S.E.O neighborhood as well as the basic net populace especially web site proprietors? In my unrefined viewpoint there are actually 6 main reason whies Seo (S.E.O) possesses the level of popularity that it presently delights in.

This circumstance, which possesses some advantage regarding the disagreements on each edges, produces hot controversies in between advocates of S.E.O and also S.E.O rivals on a constant manners which is actually dealt with out everydays on discussion forums, weblogs, web sites as well as email lists around the web in addition to direct exposure in journals and also on TELEVISION. To learn more, visit http://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=10774 and make an appointment today.

Robin Ooi
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Online marketing is just one of the absolute most reviewed and also questionable subjects on the net today. Likewise, it is just one of the absolute most misconceived subject matters.

Basically dispute generates focus as well as whether you like it or even loathe it, Search Engine Optimization truly performs deliver a large amount of debate. In addition, provided that online search engine participate in a prevalent function in creating targeted site visitor traffic, Search Engine Optimisation will definitely remain to be actually a prominent subject.

Targeted Internet Site Website Traffic – If you inquire the large number of site proprietors as well as individuals within the Search Engine Optimization market what is actually the best crucial element to an effective internet site company and/or procedure. A huge percent of people will definitely state web site visitor traffic and also much more especially targeted web site web traffic.

Presently on the web, the most extensive source for targeted internet site web traffic on a continual manners are actually internet search engine. On an annual manners statistics reveal that around 75% – 80% of all investments created through people on the net actually began because of a hunt at an online search engine as well as the large number of individuals that explore web sites often happen by means of technique of an online search engine. Varieties therefore control may certainly not be actually disregarded also due to the largest challengers of seo. In addition, since Search Engine Optimisation is actually paid attention to improving internet sites for ranking results connected to online search engine, it is actually simply organic that individuals would certainly want the industry and also method of seo (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engine Optimisation Conflict – Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is just one of the absolute most questionable subject matters regarding web site functions. The supporters of S.E.O may mention that it supplies a feasible procedure for web sites to become viewed in online search engine which is very important for any type of site preferring visitor traffic on the web today.

Fusionex named as ‘Major Player’ for BDA in IDC report

IDC MarketScape has recognised Fusionex as a ‘Major Player’ in an IDC report.
The first ever IDC MarketScape for Asia/Pacific Big Data and Analytics Platform 2017 Vendor Assessment report assesses the big data and analytics solutions available in the market among global vendors present in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) and identifies their strengths and challenges.
Fusionex, a data technology provider specialising in big data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, is the only ASEAN originating company listed in the IDC MarketScape report.

Ivan Teh
Each brand was evaluated based on their big data and analytics solutions, ranging from big data management, integration platforms, and analytics tools to cognitive/AI software capabilities.
Fusionex international CEO Ivan Teh says, “It is an honour for Fusionex to be acknowledged in the IDC MarketScape report as a Major Player for Asia Pacific big data analytics and data technology solutions.”
The report states that “Fusionex has better operations in, and a better understanding of, Southeast Asia compared with many other vendors in the region. It also has a strong grip on the operational needs of the retail and manufacturing sectors in this region.”
According to IDC the research “provides an analysis of each vendor within areas of solution utilisation, solution ubiquity and solution intelligence and how they can help organisations stay focused on core capabilities, including performance, governance, usability, localisation, and customisation as well as be prepared to foray into leveraging their data for increased utilisation, ubiquity and intelligence.”
The competition for this title is high and the margins between ‘Major Players’ and ‘Leaders’ are narrow, and with the rapid evolution of big data analytics technology organisations will need to stay sharp in order to maintain their place within their category.
“Today, data management and analytics have become a necessity in any industry – not just to thrive but also to remain relevant as well as to survive,” Teh adds.

“Fusionex GIANT’s humanised visualisation and powerful engine enables anyone, from business analysts, IT professionals, data scientists, and C-level executives, to unearth insights from their data. Essentially our technology puts the power of analytics and insights into the hands of our customers without over-complicating matters. We will continue to invest in various avenues to help more organisations across the region and the world benefit from the adoption of Big Data Analytics. We want to help enable companies to become data-driven organisations, where they can process and analyse data at speed and at scale for a better tomorrow.”

Read more at : https://channellife.com.au/story/fusionex-named-major-player-bda-idc-report/

How To Personalized Your Own Photo Calendar Today

http://www.photobookcanada.com/calendars1 – The Digital Photo Book

The digital photo book provides very high quality photo printing. The HD Satin cover supplies space for printing a single image, which is printed on both the front and back, and you can even add text to the style. 160Gsm high grade papers offer further image printing alternatives and supply you with superb reproduction levels when printing preferred pictures. Approximately 80 sides can be printed – the basic design layout provides a single picture on each side of the picture book pages but you can develop more intricate styles that use a bigger number of images if you want.

2 – Customised Visitor Books

A personalised guest book can be utilized in hotels and guest houses but is especially helpful as a wedding visitor book. Your visitors can sign the guest book leaving their name and a personal message to the both of you and not only can you customise the cover to include a picture and text however you can likewise pick the column headings that are consisted of in the book itself.

3 – Your Life Books

Customise the cover of a Your Life book and select in between a self mount picture album design or printed photo book. Add text to the cover, which is printed in personalized calendars lettering and choose whether you desire a picture inset on the cover too. Select from any of 4 colours for the cover of the Your Life Book in order to develop a sensational birthday present or the centrepiece for an unique party or event.

4 – The Book Of Love

The Book of Love is another terrific looking present concept, particularly created for use on Valentines Day however it can be given at any time of year as a present for a liked one. Include ten images, and write the text to print on the accompanying page for each picture. The soft cover looks stunning and you can customise it with another image too.

5 – Notebooks And Journals

Notebooks and journals are useful and useful along with excellent looking; they too can be customised with the addition of a single photo and even a photo montage on the cover. The basic design manages you the option of a single image which is printed on the front and back of the cover but you can choose, rather, to have a different style on the back.

Picture Book Options

Many photo books use a choice in size, which likewise offers you the perfect variety of images that can be included. Items like the printed photo book, Your Life Book, and the Book of Love can be acquired with their own presentation tin or discussion box for a lot more individual look and to ensure that the book looks great for many years to come without being damaged. http://www.photobookcanada.com/calendars